Epitopes described in "Th1 cells specific for a secreted protein of Listeria monocytogenes are protective in vivo."

Article Authors:G Geginat; M Lalic; M Kretschmar; W Goebel; H Hof; D Palm; A Bubert
Article Title:Th1 cells specific for a secreted protein of Listeria monocytogenes are protective in vivo.
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Reference ID:1000449
Abstract:In the present study we have investigated the role of the secreted p60 protein from Listeria monocytogenes as an Ag for CD4 T cells. The p60 protein is an abundant extracellular protein that is highly conserved within the members of the genus Listeria. Our results show that L. monocytogenes infection induces a potent p60-specific Th1 immune response. Remarkably, we found that p60-specific Th1 clones mediate significant protection against L. monocytogenes infection. For one p60-specific clone, the peptide epitope was defined. This clone recognized p60 301-312 (EAAKPAPAPSTN) in the context of the H-2Ad molecule. Despite the fact that acquired immunity against L. monocytogenes is primarily mediated by cytotoxic CD8 T lymphocytes, our data clearly demonstrate that secreted bacterial proteins are important CD4 T cell Ags and that Th1 clones specific for a secreted bacterial protein can contribute to the protection against an intracellular pathogen such as L. monocytogenes.
Affiliations:Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Hygiene, Fakultät für Klinische Medizin Mannheim der Universität Heidelberg, Mannheim, Germany. geginat@rumms.uni-mannheim.de
Reference Type:Literature
PubMed ID:9637521
Journal:J Immunol
Journal Volume:160
Article Pages:6046-55
Journal ISSN:0022-1767
Article Chemical List:60 kDa protein, Listeria monocytogenes;Bacterial Proteins;Cytokines;H-2 Antigens;H-2A antigen
Article MeSH List:Amino Acid Sequence; Animals; Bacterial Proteins(immunology); Clone Cells(immunology); Cytokines(biosynthesis); Female; H-2 Antigens(immunology); Listeriosis(immunology); Mice; Mice, Inbred BALB C; Mice, Inbred C3H; Mice, Inbred C57BL; Molecular Sequence Data; Molecular Weight; Spleen(cytology; immunology); Th1 Cells(immunology; secretion)
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