Epitopes described in "Select human anthrax protective antigen epitope-specific antibodies provide protection from lethal toxin challenge."

Article Authors:Sherry R Crowe; Linda L Ash; Renata J M Engler; Jimmy D Ballard; John B Harley; A Darise Farris; Judith A James
Article Title:Select human anthrax protective antigen epitope-specific antibodies provide protection from lethal toxin challenge.
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Reference ID:1022481
Abstract:Bacillus anthracis remains a serious bioterrorism concern, and the currently licensed vaccine remains an incomplete solution for population protection from inhalation anthrax and has been associated with concerns regarding efficacy and safety. Thus, understanding how to generate long-lasting protective immunity with reduced immunizations or provide protection through postexposure immunotherapeutics are long-sought goals. Through evaluation of a large military cohort, we characterized the levels of antibodies against protective antigen and found that over half of anthrax vaccinees had low serum levels of in vitro toxin neutralization capacity. Using solid-phase epitope mapping and confirmatory assays, we identified several neutralization-associated humoral epitopes and demonstrated that select antipeptide responses mediated protection in vitro. Finally, passively transferred antibodies specific for select epitopes provided protection in an in vivo lethal toxin mouse model. Identification of these antigenic regions has important implications for vaccine design and the development of directed immunotherapeutics.
Affiliations:Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.
Reference Type:Literature
PubMed ID:20533877
Journal:J Infect Dis
Journal Volume:202
Article Pages:251-60
Journal ISSN:0022-1899
Article Chemical List:Antibodies, Bacterial;Antigens, Bacterial;Bacterial Toxins;Epitopes;Immunoglobulin G;Peptides;anthrax toxin
Article MeSH List:Adult; Amino Acid Sequence; Animals; Anthrax(epidemiology; immunology); Antibodies, Bacterial(blood; chemistry; genetics; immunology); Antigens, Bacterial(toxicity); Bacillus anthracis(immunology); Bacterial Toxins(toxicity); Bioterrorism; Cell Line; Continental Population Groups; Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay; Epitopes(immunology); Female; Humans; Immunization(methods); Immunoglobulin G(blood); Macrophages(drug effects; immunology); Male; Middle Aged; Molecular Sequence Data; Oklahoma; Peptides(analysis; chemistry); Vaccination(methods)
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