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Article Authors:Chih-Chin Huang; Son N Lam; Priyamvada Acharya; Min Tang; Shi-Hua Xiang; Syed Shahzad-Ul Hussan; Robyn L Stanfield; James Robinson; Joseph Sodroski; Ian A Wilson; Richard Wyatt; Carole A Bewley; Peter D Kwong
Article Title:Structures of the CCR5 N terminus and of a tyrosine-sulfated antibody with HIV-1 gp120 and CD4.
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Reference ID:1019671
Abstract:The CCR5 co-receptor binds to the HIV-1 gp120 envelope glycoprotein and facilitates HIV-1 entry into cells. Its N terminus is tyrosine-sulfated, as are many antibodies that react with the co-receptor binding site on gp120. We applied nuclear magnetic resonance and crystallographic techniques to analyze the structure of the CCR5 N terminus and that of the tyrosine-sulfated antibody 412d in complex with gp120 and CD4. The conformations of tyrosine-sulfated regions of CCR5 (alpha-helix) and 412d (extended loop) are surprisingly different. Nonetheless, a critical sulfotyrosine on CCR5 and on 412d induces similar structural rearrangements in gp120. These results now provide a framework for understanding HIV-1 interactions with the CCR5 N terminus during viral entry and define a conserved site on gp120, whose recognition of sulfotyrosine engenders posttranslational mimicry by the immune system.
Affiliations:Vaccine Research Center, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 20892, USA.
Reference Type:Literature
PubMed ID:17901336
Journal Volume:317
Article Pages:1930-4
Journal ISSN:1095-9203
Article Chemical List:Antigens, CD4;HIV Antibodies;HIV Envelope Protein gp120;HIV envelope protein gp120 (305-321);Peptide Fragments;Receptors, CCR5;Sulfates;Tyrosine
Article MeSH List:Amino Acid Sequence; Antigens, CD4(chemistry; immunology); Crystallography, X-Ray; HIV Antibodies(chemistry; immunology); HIV Envelope Protein gp120(chemistry; immunology; metabolism); HIV-1(metabolism); Humans; Models, Molecular; Molecular Mimicry; Molecular Sequence Data; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Biomolecular; Peptide Fragments(chemistry; metabolism); Receptors, CCR5(chemistry; metabolism); Sulfates(metabolism); Tyrosine(metabolism); Virus Internalization
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