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Article Authors:Melinda RĂ¡ki; Lars-Egil Fallang; Margit Brottveit; Elin Bergseng; Hanne Quarsten; Knut E A Lundin; Ludvig M Sollid
Article Title:Tetramer visualization of gut-homing gluten-specific T cells in the peripheral blood of celiac disease patients.
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Abstract:Tetramers of MHC-peptide complexes are used for detection and characterization of antigen-specific T cell responses, but they require knowledge about both antigenic peptide and the MHC restriction element. The successful application of these reagents in human diseases involving CD4+ T cells is limited. Celiac disease, an intestinal inflammation driven by mucosal CD4+ T cells recognizing wheat gluten peptides in the context of disease-associated HLA-DQ molecules, is an ideal model to test the potential clinical use of these reagents. We investigated whether gluten-specific T cells can be detected in the peripheral blood of celiac disease patients using DQ2 tetramers. Nine DQ2+ patients and six control individuals on a gluten-free diet were recruited to the study. Participants consumed 160 g of gluten-containing bread daily for 3 days. After bread-challenge, gluten-specific T cells were detectable in the peripheral blood of celiac patients but not controls both directly by tetramer staining and indirectly by enzyme-linked immunospot. These T cells expressed the beta(7) integrin indicative of gut-homing properties. Most of the cells had a memory phenotype, but many other phenotypic markers showed a heterogeneous pattern. Tetramer staining of gluten-specific T cells has the potential to be used for diagnosis of celiac disease.
Affiliations:Institute of Immunology, University of Oslo, Rikshospitalet-Radiumhospitalet Medical Center, 0027 Oslo, Norway. melinda.raki@medisin.uio.no.
Reference Type:Literature
PubMed ID:17307878
Journal:Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Journal Volume:104
Article Pages:2831-6
Journal ISSN:0027-8424
Article Chemical List:HLA-DQ Antigens;HLA-DQ2 antigen;Glutens;Interferon-gamma
Article MeSH List:Adult; Aged; Bread; Case-Control Studies; Celiac Disease(blood; therapy); Cell Differentiation; Gastrointestinal Tract(immunology); Glutens(immunology); HLA-DQ Antigens(chemistry; immunology); Humans; Interferon-gamma(biosynthesis); Leukocytes, Mononuclear(immunology); Middle Aged; Phenotype; Protein Structure, Quaternary; T-Lymphocytes(cytology; immunology)
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