Epitopes described in "Identification of a cross-reactive HLA-DRB1*0301-restricted CD4 T cell response directed against cholesterol-binding cytolysins from two different pathogens."

Article Authors:Annette Paschen; Mingxia Song; Simone Schenk; Jozef Janda; Xuan Duc Nguyen; Wolfram Osen; Dirk Schadendorf; Gernot Geginat
Article Title:Identification of a cross-reactive HLA-DRB1*0301-restricted CD4 T cell response directed against cholesterol-binding cytolysins from two different pathogens.
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Reference ID:1002166
Abstract:Cholesterol-binding cytolysins constitute an evolutionarily conserved family of pore-forming proteins expressed by different gram-positive pathogens. Listeriolysin O, one well-characterized member of the cytolysin family, is also known to induce specific CD4 and CD8 T cell responses upon infection of mice with Listeria monocytogenes. Here we describe an HLA-DRB1*0301-restricted listeriolysin O-derived T cell epitope that is conserved among several members of the cytolysin family. An HLA-DRB1*0301-restricted CD4+ T cell line, established from spleen lymphocytes of L. monocytogenes-infected HLA-DRB1*0301-transgenic mice, cross-reacted with a homologous peptide from perfringolysin O, a cytolysin expressed by Clostridium perfringens. Ex vivo analysis of infected mice revealed an even broader cross-reaction of T cells with homologous peptides derived from perfringolysin O, streptolysin O, and cereolysin O. Interestingly, a cross-reactive memory CD4+ T cell response against the homologous peptides derived from listeriolysin O and perfringolysin O could also be detected in the blood from healthy HLA-DRB1*0301+ human donors. Remarkably, this response was even present in donors who did not exhibit a memory T cell reactivity against a second, non-conserved HLA-DRB1*0301-restricted LLO-derived CD4 T cell epitope, suggesting that cytolysin-producing bacteria other than L. monocytogenes can stimulate a cross-reactive cytolysin-specific immunity.
Reference Type:Literature
PubMed ID:16798043
Journal:Microbes Infect
Journal Volume:8
Article Pages:2034-43
Journal ISSN:1286-4579
Article Chemical List:Bacterial Proteins;Bacterial Toxins;Cytotoxins;Epitopes, T-Lymphocyte;HLA-DR Antigens;HLA-DRB1 Chains;HLA-DRB1*03:01 antigen;Heat-Shock Proteins;Hemolysin Proteins;Clostridium perfringens theta-toxin;hlyA protein, Listeria monocytogenes;Interferon-gamma;Cholesterol
Article MeSH List:Animals; Bacterial Proteins(immunology); Bacterial Toxins(immunology); CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes(immunology); Cells, Cultured; Cholesterol(metabolism); Clostridium perfringens(immunology); Cross Reactions; Cytotoxins(immunology); Epitopes, T-Lymphocyte(immunology); HLA-DR Antigens(immunology); HLA-DRB1 Chains; Heat-Shock Proteins(immunology); Hemolysin Proteins(immunology); Humans; Immunologic Memory; Interferon-gamma(biosynthesis); Listeria monocytogenes(immunology); Listeriosis(immunology); Mice; Mice, Transgenic
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