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Article Authors:Robyn L Stanfield; Helen Dooley; Martin F Flajnik; Ian A Wilson
Article Title:Crystal structure of a shark single-domain antibody V region in complex with lysozyme.
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Abstract:Cartilaginous fish are the phylogenetically oldest living organisms known to possess components of the vertebrate adaptive immune system. Key to their immune response are heavy-chain, homodimeric immunoglobulins called new antigen receptors (IgNARs), in which the variable (V) domains recognize antigens with only a single immunoglobulin domain, akin to camelid heavy-chain V domains. The 1.45 angstrom resolution crystal structure of the type I IgNAR V domain in complex with hen egg-white lysozyme (HEL) reveals a minimal antigen-binding domain that contains only two of the three conventional complementarity-determining regions but still binds HEL with nanomolar affinity by means of a binding interface comparable in size to conventional antibodies.
Reference Type:Literature
PubMed ID:15319492
Journal Volume:305
Article Pages:1770-3
Journal ISSN:1095-9203
Article Chemical List:Complementarity Determining Regions;Drug Combinations;Immunoglobulin Heavy Chains;Immunoglobulin Variable Region;Immunoglobulins;Receptors, Antigen;nurse shark antigen receptor;Tetrahydropapaveroline;UTEN;Meglumine;hen egg lysozyme;Muramidase
Article MeSH List:Animals; Complementarity Determining Regions(chemistry); Crystallography, X-Ray; Dimerization; Drug Combinations; Evolution, Molecular; Genes, Immunoglobulin; Immunoglobulin Heavy Chains(chemistry; genetics; metabolism); Immunoglobulin Variable Region(chemistry; genetics; immunology; metabolism); Immunoglobulins(chemistry; genetics; immunology; metabolism); Meglumine; Models, Molecular; Muramidase(chemistry; immunology; metabolism); Protein Conformation; Protein Folding; Protein Structure, Tertiary; Receptors, Antigen(chemistry; genetics; immunology; metabolism); Sharks(immunology); Tetrahydropapaveroline(analogs & derivatives)
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