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Article Authors:Stuart I Mannering; Anthony W Purcell; Margo C Honeyman; James McCluskey; Leonard C Harrison
Article Title:Human T-cells recognise N-terminally Fmoc-modified peptide.
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Reference ID:1014315
Abstract:We aimed to generate T-cell clones specific for human pre-proinsulin. An HLA DQ8, CD4+ T-cell clone that recognised a 10mer (C65-A9) peptide from pre-proinsulin was isolated. Further analysis revealed that the clone responded neither to recombinant proinsulin nor to re-synthesised C65-A9 peptide. Analysis of the original peptide revealed minor contamination (<0.5%) with an N-terminal Fmoc adduct. This peptide was synthesised and shown to stimulate the clone. Thus, Fmoc-modified peptides, which are common contaminants in synthetic peptides, can stimulate human CD4+ T-cells. This finding has important implications for the use of synthetic peptides in screening and epitope mapping studies and their use as vaccines in humans.
Affiliations:Autoimmunity and Transplantation Division, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Royal Melbourne Hospital, 1G Royal Parade, Parkville, Vic. 3050, Australia. mannering@wehi.edu.au.
Reference Type:Literature
PubMed ID:12922093
Journal Volume:21
Article Pages:3638-46
Journal ISSN:0264-410X
Article Chemical List:9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl-arginyl-glycyl-isoleucyl-valyl-glutamyl-glutaminyl-cysteinyl-cysteinyl-threonyl-serine;Autoantibodies;HLA Antigens;Insulin;Peptide Fragments;Protein Precursors;preproinsulin;Proinsulin
Article MeSH List:Autoantibodies(analysis); Cell Separation; Chromatography, High Pressure Liquid; Clone Cells; Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay; Epitope Mapping; HLA Antigens(immunology); Humans; In Vitro Techniques; Insulin; Mass Spectrometry; Peptide Fragments(chemistry; isolation & purification); Proinsulin(chemistry; immunology; isolation & purification); Protein Precursors(chemistry; immunology); T-Lymphocytes(immunology); Thyroiditis, Autoimmune(immunology)
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