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IEDB analysis of the Ebola virus available here.
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The IEDB contains data related to antibody and T cell epitopes for humans, non-human primates, rodents, and other animal species. Curation of peptidic and non-peptidic epitope data relating to all infectious diseases (including NIAID Category A, B, and C priority pathogens and NIAID Emerging and Re-emerging infectious diseases), allergens, autoimmune diseases, and transplant/alloantigens is current and constantly being updated.  More...

Summary MetricCount
Peptidic Epitopes 123450
Non-Peptidic Epitopes 2098
T Cell Assays 256102
B Cell Assays 175855
MHC Ligand Assays 306607
Epitope Source Organisms 3312
Restricting MHC Alleles 673
References 16494
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The database also contains MHC binding data from a variety of different antigenic sources and immune epitope data from the FIMM (Brusic), HLA Ligand (Hildebrand), TopBank (Sette), and MHC binding (Buus) databases. These databases and their investigators are hereby acknowledged as major contributors to the IEDB.

For more information about our curation procedures and priorities, please refer to our Curation Manual.

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